Jordan: West Irbid Wastewater Project - Procurement Support and Construction Supervision

Country: Jordan
Language: EN
Number: 2060124
Publication date: 19-05-2017
Source: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Tags: Electrical services Project and design preparation Construction


Procurement ref:




Business sector:

Municipal and environmental infrastructure

Funding source:

EBRD Shareholder Special Fund

Contract type:

Consultancy Services

Notice type:

Invitation for expressions of interest (loan or grant funded)

Issue date:

18 May 2017

Closing date:

15 Jun 2017 at 12:00 Amman

Executing Agency (Client):
Water Authority Jordan (WAJ)
Jaber Bin Hayyan St 5,
Amman 11181

The Client Contact Person:
Eng. Asma Al-Whadneh
Director, Programme Management Unit (PMU)
Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)

EBRD Contact Person:
James Yoo
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
One Exchange Square
London EC2A 2JN
Tel: + 44 20 7338 6369
Fax: +44 20 7338 7451

Project Description:
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the “EBRD” or the “Bank”) is considering providing finance to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (“GoJ”) for the upgrade and construction of the wastewater infrastructure system in West Irbid, by laying public sewer infrastructure that would serve an catchment area of c.21.9 km2 including, where necessary, the installation of pumping stations, enabling the towns to connect effectively to the wastewater network and to the existing wastewater treatment plants (“WWTPs”) (the “Project”).

The transaction is a part of the Bank’s wider engagement with the Water Authority of Jordan (“WAJ”) aimed at developing and implementing a comprehensive wastewater investment programme in order to resolve the country’s current issues in the sector, caused by the rapid population growth, including due to Syrian refugee influx which placed an unprecedented strain on the wastewater system.

The Project will target 15 towns in West Irbid with a total population of 75,217 (of which c.12 per cent are Syrian refugees).

Assignment Description:
The Client now wishes to engage a consulting firm (the “Consultant”) to: (i)facilitate the timely and effective procurement of the Project components by rendering support to WAJ in preparation of requirements and technical specifications and evaluation of tenders; and (ii) support WAJ with construction supervision, environment, health and safety supervision, and Environmental and Social Action Plan (“ESAP”) implementation (the "Assignment").

The selected Consultant is expected to provide the following services:

Status of Selection Process: Interested firms or group of firms are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in Q3 2017 and has an estimated overall duration of 36 months.

Cost Estimate for the Assignment: USD 1,000.000 (exclusive of VAT). The Consultant must determine whether any indirect taxes/VAT are chargeable on the proposed services and state the basis for such. If any indirect taxes/VAT are payable, the Client will have to pay indirect taxes/VAT element to the services directly to the Consultant unless otherwise agreed.

Funding Source: It is anticipated that the contract will be financed by the EBRD’s Shareholder Special Funds. Selection and contracting is subject to the availability of funding.

Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.

Consultant Profile: Corporate services are required. The Consultant shall be a firm or a group of firms with previous project experience related to water and wastewater infrastructure projects, procured under financing arrangements with government agencies or international financial institutions (IFIs). The Consultant shall also have previous project experience preferably in the MENA region on similar projects and have an excellent demonstrated knowledge of the public infrastructure internationally and in the region, and understanding of national design requirements.

The Consultant’s expert team is expected to include key experts as follows:

Key Experts 2-13 should preferably have 5 years or more previous project experience undertaking similar tasks to those for which they are nominated for the Assignment, preferably in the water/wastewater sectors on similar assignments with IFIs. It is recommended that a part of the consultancy input will be carried out by local sub-consultants. All Key Experts are required to have good English language skills. The Consultant"s expert team is also expected to possess suitable Arabic language skills.

Submission Requirements: In order to determine the capability and experience of Consultants seeking to be shortlisted, the information submitted should include the following:

1. Company/group of firms’ profile, organisation and staffing (max. 2-4 pages).

2. Details of previous project experience or similar assignments particularly undertaken in the previous five years, including information on contract value, contracting entity/client, project location/country, duration (mm/yy to mm/yy), expert months provided (if different from duration) , main activities, objectives.

3. CVs of key experts who could carry out the Assignment detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments, particularly assignments undertaken in the previous five years, including information on contracting entity/client, project location/country, duration (mm/yy to mm/yy), expert months provided, assignment budget, main activities, objectives.

4. Completed Consultant Declaration Form and Contact Sheet, the template for which is available from the following web-link:

The expression of interest shall not exceed 25 pages (excluding CVs Consultant Declaration and Contact Sheet).

The complete expression of interest (including CVs, Consultant Declaration and Contact Sheet) should be submitted in English: one original hard copy and two hard copies to the Client’s contact person and one electronic copy (PDF) to the EBRD’s contact person, to reach the EBRD not later than the closing date and time. The delivery of the expression of interest to the Client at the address specified will be decisive regarding timely delivery of proposals as per the closing date. The Client reserves the right to reject applications of firms (not applicable to sub-contractors) submitting more than one expression of interest.

Important Notes:
1. Following this invitation for expressions of interest, a shortlist of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals. Consultant selection and contracting will be subject to availability of funding.
2. The shortlist criteria are as follows:
(a) Firm’s previous project experience in supporting design, procurement support and construction supervision for IFI financed infrastructure projects (30%)
(b) Firm’s previous project experience in water/wastewater infrastructure projects in the MENA region and demonstrated knowledge of public infrastructure (international/regional) and national design requirements (30%)
(c) CVs of Key Expert 1-13 (40%)