Provision of assistance related to developing and strengthening the capabilities of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission and related to radioactive waste management in Jordan

Country: Jordan
Language: EN
Number: 2151372
Publication date: 24-05-2017
Source: TED
Tags: solar and nuclear energy Energy


1.Publication reference:EuropeAid/137757/DH/SER/JO.

2.Publication date of the contract notice:1.3.2016.

3.Lot number and lot title:Not applicable.

4.Contract number and value:INSC/2017/372-438.1 822 600 EUR.

5.Date of award of the contract:23.2.2017.

6.Number of tenders received:4.

7.Overall score of chosen tender:Technical score 100 % — financial score 97,82 %.

8.Name, address and nationality of successful tenderer:Enconet Consulting GmbH, Kolingasse 12/7, 1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA.In consortium with HAEA (HU), NRG (NL) and TÜV NORD Ensys GmbH (DE).

9.Duration of contract:36 months.

10.Contracting authority:European Union, represented by the European Commission on behalf of and for the account of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman, JORDAN.

11.Legal basis:Regulation (EU) No 236/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11.3.2014 laying down common rules and procedures for the implementation of the Union"s instruments for financing external action and Council Regulation (Euratom) No 237/2014 of 13.12.2013 establishing an Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation. See Annex A2 of the ‘Practical Guide’.

12.DAC code:23510 — Nuclear energy electric power plants.